FACT: I’m a refashion addicted!

(Just to be sure about it, you should check my Refashioning FAQ Guest Post on TitiCrafty tody live!)

One of my favorite garments to recycle is certainly T-shirt!

I’ve used them for creating:


A super-duper versatile kind of fabric, and often comes with nice details, print, button plackets, collars: all of them can save you a lot of time!

It often happens that I use a T-shirt in a project but I have a leftover: sleeves!

And, just because it can’t happen in my books that I throw out anything, I’m always surfing the web to find some ideas to reuse T-shirt sleeves… hence this round-up! (Just click on pics to visit original tutorials!)

The first is from an explosive blogger: Lisa @ Cucicucicoo

Super Easy No-sew T-shirt scarf

In her post she’s giving us some good tips for recicling those t-shirt sleeves with a no-sew technique (so perfect also for the non-sewists around here): isn’t she lovely?

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - Lisa

Check also her refashions page

Now, something more practical: let’s recycle sports uniform to zippered pouches, with Jill @ Creating my way to success): just add a zipper and some lining and… you’re done!

T-shirt sleeves to pouches

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - Jill

Check her other’s recycle files here! (but I have to disagree with her other reader’s comment about buying fabric LOL – go and check to see what you think about it!)

While browsing Instructables, I stumbled upon this tutorial (designed not only for sleeves, but perfect for reusing them!) created from the user purelily:

Easy Upcycled Tshirt to Dog Toy

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - purelily

 No-sew, again… for you, lazy girls! Come on, learning to sew is easy (check my Tips for beginners)

And now, something for your kids: t-shirt sleeves to pants, with a tutorial made by Julie  @ Craft Knife for Crafting a Green World:

Two Pairs of Shorts from One T-Shirt

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - Julie

 May I quote her when she says:

Want to sew clothes for kids that are really, truly cheaper than purchasing them even from your favorite thrift store?

Upcycling is ALWAYS the answer.


Next one is from a new friend (Hi Tracy @ Oh the things we’ll make!):

T-shirt Sleeve to Pouch: 5 Minute Pouch from a Repurposed T-Shirt Sleeve

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - Tracy

And she shows us how-to use them as Tea bags, when made starting from infant sized sleeves – SMART GIRL!

Do you have a newborn coming and would like to create a fast but nice baby shower gift? Check Jill’s tutorial on Handmade Jill for a

t-shirt sleeve baby hat

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - Jill

And here’s an outsider: Katie @ the Crafty Blog Stalker (oh, yes, please stalk me!) is using t-shirt sleeves but… still attached to the t-shirt to create:

The Shirt Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Serger Pepper - t-shirt sleeve refashion roundup - Katie

But don’t miss her other tutorials here!


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