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Our Favorite Made In USA Sewing Machines

If you are a citizen of the USA, one thing that you might be specifically on the lookout for is a sewing machine that is made in the USA.

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Our Favorite Made In USA Sewing Machines

The main reason for this is that the USA is well known for producing high quality sewing machines, and it can often be cheaper to get a sewing machine that was made locally, compared to the price of importing.

This guide will be going over our favorite made in USA sewing machines, as well as machines that can be used for embroidery, and quilting as well.

We will be going in order of brand so you can also learn a little more about the companies that are manufacturing the products you plan to purchase.

Before we dive straight in, it is worth noting that a lot of the sewing machines produced by made in USA brands are not always manufactured in the USA.

This means that there are often certain parts manufactured in the USA, but not all. You will find that a lot of the brands will import specific parts of the sewing machine and then assemble them in the USA.

There are some brands who complete the whole process in the USA, but this is rare. So finding a made in USA sewing machine brand that completes the whole process in the USA is rare.

A lot of the more well known brands which we will be discussing in this guide like Juki, Brother, Singer, and Baby Lock, are partially Japanese brands, however, they have stages of their production which are done in the USA.

However, all of the sewing machines included in the list can be classified as made in the USA, so you do not have to worry about the technicality too much. So if you are looking for a made in USA sewing machine, keep reading!

Our Favorite Made In USA Sewing Machine Brands

If you want to know what some of our favorite made in USA sewing machine brands are, we have a list here if you want to find some sewing machines that we have not directly recommended.

These brands include; Janome America, Bernina USA, Singer, Pfaff, Brother USA, Juki America, and Baby Lock USA.

Our Favorite Made In USA Sewing Machines By Brand

This guide will be going through the sewing machine recommendations by brand, so if there is a specific brand which you know you trust, and you want one of their made in USA products, then this guide will make it easy for you to find.

As well as giving some extra information about the brands, we also have extra information to help you make an informed decision included in the buyer’s guide after the list, so if you are unsure, make sure to read that section!

Brother USA

A lot of sewing machines that are made are produced in the USA. Brother itself is actually a Japanese company, this is why the machines that are produced in the USA are labelled as Brother USA products.

They import their models to sell across North America as well as Europe, however, a lot of the production facilities for Brother products are actually in the USA, so you will want to look out for the sewing machines that are made in these facilities. 

The most popular lines of sewing machines you will find from Brother include 4 different types, these are the heavy duty machines for industrial work, the lightweight embroidery machines designed for personal use at home, quilting machines, and finally standard sewing machines. 

Brother USA is a company that is registered in the USA, and this is why they produce a lot of sewing machines domestically.

However, it is well worth noting that a lot of Brother USA machines are not produced locally, but a lot of them are at least assembled in the USA. If you are not looking for a Brother USA product on this list, it is worth researching if it is produced in the USA or not. 

If you want a sewing machine that is high quality and is built to last, then Brother is one of the companies you will want to look out for.

The company has built up a strong reputation since 1908, and they have been continually producing high quality products since then.

The reputation this brand has amongst sewists is almost upbeat. No matter what style of project you are doing, whether it is embroidery, quilting, or standard sewing, you should be able to find a suitable Brother, or Brother USA product to work with. 

Brother CS6000i

Features Of The‘Brother CS6000i

This made in USA sewing machine has 60 stitches built in, as well as 7 different styles of the  step auto button. There is an easy to use LCD display to make choosing stitches simple.

The needle threader is also automatic with a simple bobbin winding system as well. The speed control has an electronic variable.

There is also an oversized table which is great for if you are working on a larger project. The workspace is well lit with an LED as well. The free arm configuration is also perfect for if you are sewing sleeves or cuffs.

What We Love About The Brother CS6000i
  • One of our more affordable choices
  • Perfect product if you are a beginner
  • Great sturdy design
What We Do Not Love About The Brother CS6000i
  • Learning how to thread the needle has a learning curve
  • Some parts are made with a relatively low quality plastic

Brother PQ-1500SL

Features Of The Brother PQ-1500SL

This machine has a 1500 stitch speed at maximum which is impressive. It also has an auto thread trimmer, a knee lever, as well as a retractable drop feed dog, and an automatic needle positioner too.

The extension cable is a forgiving 12 by 18 inches, and the thread tension dial works well too. Perfect machine for straight stitches, and the 7 by 8.6 inches sewing space is well lit using an LED work light.

What We Love About The Brother PQ-1500SL
  • Creates some of the most smooth and precise stitches available
  • Does not make much noise
  • Gives you a lot of space to work with
  • Super simple to control
  • Using the automatic threader is simple
What We Do Not Love About The Brother PQ-1500SL
  • Not the best choice if you want a variety of stitches
  • Does not have any simplified computerised design
  • Quite expensive compared to others

Brother Persona PRS100

Features Of The Brother Persona PRS100

This embroidery only machine has a speed of 1000 stitches per minute which is impressive for an embroidery machine. It can be made monochrome with a single slick.

The machine has 6 options for embroidery hoops in a variety of sizes included. The 7 inch LCD display is bright and useful.

The machine is also only 18 inches wide making it a great embroidery machine if you are trying to save space.

The screen can zoom up to 200% and you can edit your designs using this screen as well which is perfect for saving time.

The USB connectivity makes this very convenient, and you can also easily upgrade the software so you do not have to worry about it becoming outdated.

What We Love About The Brother Persona PRS100
  • The tabular free arm configuration is a useful feature
  • Being able to edit on screen saves a massive amount of time fixing small mistakes
  • Having an advanced needle threading system increases efficiency
  • The monochrome options and USB connectivity are both great to have
What We Do Not Love About The Brother Persona PRS100
  • Does not feature an extension table
  • Only a single needle machine

Janome America

For the next brand we will be focusing on, there is Janome America. They have high quality sewing and embroidery machines as well as products specifically for crafting and sewing projects.

A lot of machines made by Janome America are assembled in the USA, however, a lot of the parts are imports, so keep this in mind.

They have been making sewing machines since the 50s and they make all types of different sewing machines making them a very varied brand. They are also one of the more established sewing machine manufacturers in the country.

Furthermore, they are so reputable that they have won awards for the quality of the workmanship, as well as how good their customer service is.

As recently as 2020 they were awarded the Red Dot Award for design. If this description has piqued your interest in Janome America’s products, keep reading to get our recommendations for their best made in USA sewing machines!

Janome HD3000

Features Of The Janome HD3000

This machine has 18 different stitches built in with a speed of 860 stitches per minute. The needle threader it uses is built in, and there is a manual reverse stitch lever as well.

It also has foot pressure adjustment as well as a one step buttonhole. The bobbin winder is automatic too, and the LED light feature makes this sewing machine even easier to use. There is good thread tension adjustment, and a 7 piece feed dog as well.

What We Love About The Janome HD3000
  • For a made in USA sewing machine this is more lightweight making it an efficient choice if you plan to travel with it (see also “Can I Travel With My Sewing Machine?“)
  • The stitching created is incredibly high quality
  • The machine is easy to operate and is very versatile working with a range of different fabrics
  • Good quality aluminum frame
  • One of the best sewing machines available for beginners
  • Smooth when working and does not create much noise
What We Do Not Love About The Janome HD3000
  • Does no use a thread cutter that is automatic
  • No computerized elements can create a small learning curve

Janome 3160QOV

Features Of The Janome 3160QOV

Has a top loading rotary hook bobbin as well as 60 built in stitches making this a great versatile option. There are also 6 single step buttonholes and a manual control for thread tension.

The needle threader only needs one hand to function, and the presser feet are snap on making it efficient to use. The needle up and down is memorized, and it features the superior plus feed system that is usually referred to as SFS+.

Plenty of aspects of this sewing machine are well designed like the free arm and the simple start and stop button (see also “Free Arm Sewing Machines Explained“).

There is also a simple locking stitch button, and the automatic thread cutter is memorized too. The backlit LCD screen also makes learning to use the device a little more simple. There is a hardcover extension table and the maximum stitch width is 7 mm with a length of 5 mm.

What We Love About The Janome 3160QOV
  • This sewing machine is simple to set up and just as easy to use
  • The machine will also work well with both thin and heavy fabric too
  • There is great performance when working with the automatic needle threader as well
  • Has one of the best thread cutters we have used
What We Do Not Love About The Janome 3160QOV
  • The lighting is not amazing
  • Not having a walking foot is disappointing
  • Does not have a knee lift either
  • This machine requires manual thread tension control which is a shame since most similar machines will have an automatic option for this

Bernina USA

Nothing matches the feeling of buying a well made item that has been created by a skilled artisan. Bernina is a company that is usually based in Switzerland, however, they manufacture and sell a lot of their sewing machines in the USA as well.

They have an expert staff in the USA who create amazing quality sewing machines. These sewing machines stay completely true to their roots with classic driving gears, as well as quality parts.

The company also offers machines that have a wide variety of stitches, so you are likely to find whatever you need, no matter how simple or complex!

The main consideration that needs to be kept in mind when you are buying a Bernina sewing machine is the price, however, there are actually some more affordable options, however, if you want luxury, you can also get this here too.

These machines are also great especially if you are a beginner to a craft like quilting or embroidery, so if this is something you consider, then maybe look to Bernina.

They are one of the most widely trusted brands that you can buy from, and you can trust that these machines will last you for years and you will not have to fear them breaking down!

Bernina Bernette B77

Features Of The Bernina Bernette B77

This sewing machine features a needle threader that is semi automatic, and has an astounding 500 stitches built in which are useful for utility, decoration, as well as quilting!

There are knobs which can be multi function that makes operating this machine fast and efficient. The touchscreen is a useful 5 inches, and there are also LED lights to make looking at what you are sewing more simple.

The stitch width is 7 mm, and the machine uses a drop in hook system. There is an 8 presser foot as well as an extension table, as well as a dual feed and foot control you can program.

What We Love About The Bernina Bernette B77
  • This is amazing value for what you are spending on it
  • A great portable machine
  • Good design for beginner sewists
  • Has been widely recommended as a useful machine
What We Do Not Love About The Bernina Bernette B77
  • Lacks certain accessibility features in other machines do

Bernette B38

Features Of The Bernette B38

This sewing machine has an SPM of 820 as well as a well designed drop in hook system. There is a maximum 7 mm stitch width and it has an impressive 394 stitch patterns built in.

The needle threader is built in, and the thread cutter is automatic. You also have full control over the sewing speed with the built in adjuster. There are also 8 one step buttonhole designs as well.

What We Love About The Bernette B38
What We Do Not Love About The Bernette B38
  • Much more expensive
  • Quite heavy weight
  • Does not have any embroidery functions

Juki America

Juki America is the USA version of the well known reputable Japanese company, and they produce sewing machines with the same standards of quality the Japanese version does.

These are high end and high quality products, and they offer personalized service that is unmatched. Also, most of their sewing machines have an impressive 5 year warranty as well.

There is the question of if all Juki sewing machines are made in the USA, and this is not the case as many have been made overseas during the 40 year life of the company, however, the company has progressed to make efforts for more and more domestic manufacturing.

While Juki might not be as well known as some of the more established companies, their machines are becoming more and more popular with features like the powerful motors which make it so you can sew any demanding project easily.

For example, they can handle fabrics like denim easily and because they have a feed dog that has more space they do not pucker as much with these tough fabrics. So, if you see a Juki America sewing machine, you can know that this is a trustworthy brand!

Juki TL-2000Qi

Features Of The Juki TL-2000Qi

This machine has an amazing sewing speed of 1500 stitches every minute, and the LED light feature ensures that you can see everything going on in high definition.

There is a simple one pedal operation, and has an extension table that is 13 inches in size. It uses an automatic threading function, and the arm is aluminum die cast.

The bed is also low vibration making it a lot less noisy too. There is simple stitch control length. There is a knee lever, an automatic thread cutter, as well as simple speed adjustment for this one stitch machine!

What We Love About The Juki TL-2000Qi
  • Has an amazing high sewing speed
  • One of the best for using for sewing and quilting
  • Has been well recommended by sewing experts
  • The automatic cutter and threader is very useful
What We Do Not Love About The Juki TL-2000Qi
  • Only one single straight stitch available
  • Will need regular maintenance
  • No computerized aspect

Juki HZL F300

Features Of The Juki HZL F300

This machine has the impressive sewing speed of 900 stitches every minute, and there is a wide variety of patterns available to try out.

You can save 70 of these patterns to have on recall using the simple and large LCD display. The maximum stitch width is 7 mm and length is 5 mm.

You also can do automatic thread trimming with just one simple button push. The bobbin winder is exclusive to this design, and there is a durable quilting foot as well. 

What We Love About The Juki HZL F300
  • Very simple design to set up and start using
  • Throat area is large (see also “Top 7 Large Throat Sewing Machines For Quilting“)
  • Comes with a lot of accessories included
  • The foot pressure is adjustable
  • Very sturdy
  • Has proper noise reduction built in which is a great feature
What We Do Not Love About The Juki HZL F300
  • Very hefty so not portable at all
  • The needle threader has gotten stuck a few times
  • Does not have a knee lift
  • Bobbin winder has also gotten stuck occasionally

Other Brands

As well as the main brands we have covered with specific recommendations, there are some other brands we think deserve to be highlighted for producing sewing machines in the USA.


While not that many are still made in the USA, there are still some Singer products being made here. A lot of the parts of Singer sewing machines are produced in China, Vietnam, and Taiwan, and then assembled in the USA. They are still well worth the investment however!


Pfaff is well known for being one of the top manufacturers of sewing machines in Europe, but they have plenty of machines being manufactured in the USA, as well as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland too. They are well known for directly providing high quality sewing machines in the USA.

Baby Lock US

Baby Lock is now well known for all of its high quality products and one of the most well known are the sewing machines that they produce.

They produce these on an international scale, and they have precise engineering that makes every stitch perfect. They have produced a lot of sewing machines in the USA in the past, but at the moment they only assemble them in the USA.

Buyers Guide

If you still have some extra questions about sewing machines that are made in the USA, then this section of the guide should give you all the information that you need.

If you were unable to pick a specific product you liked the look of when working through the product list, we recommend reading through this buyer’s guide, then using the information here to make an informed decision when going back through the product list!

The Brands That Manufacture Completely From USA

As we mentioned in our introduction, it is very difficult to find a brand that completely produces their products in the USA.

Our Favorite Made In USA Sewing Machines

The reason for this is that most made in USA brands will assemble products in the USA, but the pieces used will have been imported.

However, there is one sewing machine manufacturer that does almost the entirety of the sewing machine production process within the USA. The brand which is known for doing this is King Quilter.

One machine that has recently been introduced by this company is the King Quilter II Elite, and this machine is known for having a long arm and being used for quilting as the name suggests, while also being manufactured within the USA.

Machines produced by King Quilter are well known for being incredibly high quality and giving customers a wide variety of options, so every customer can find the perfect machine for them.

The warranties and customer service that is offered by King Quilter is also high quality as well. So, if you are looking for a quilting machine specifically, then this brand should be able to help you out!

The Difference Between USA Made Sewing Machines From Others

If you want to know what the differences are between a made in USA sewing machine, and one that is not, some of the defining differences are that a made in USA sewing machine will usually be noticeably heavier, as well as more powerful, and will tend to have a longer lifespan than average.

Because of these qualities, these products are seen to be a worthwhile investment and is an explanation for why these made in USA sewing machines tend to have a heftier price tag. 

Also, since the brands which produce made in USA sewing machine tend to be quite reputable and well-known for being established brands, their products are regarded as high quality, and because of this, worth paying extra for.

However, this is not to say that a made in USA sewing machine will always be the best choice for you, and there is no single sewing machine that will be the best choice for everyone.

For example, if you are looking to get a sewing machine with a high variety in options and access to parts, then you might want to get a lighter sewing machine, however, if you need durability and power, then going for a made in USA sewing machine will likely be preferable!

Why You Should Consider A USA Made Sewing Machine

If you are a USA citizen, then one of the main reasons people like supporting these brands is because it benefits the economy of the USA and will provide work for Americans who are looking to get jobs.

There is of course the argument raised in the previous section that these products tend to also be of a higher quality because they are not made from cheap materials and are well constructed.

This can be seen in how made in USA sewing machines are well known for their durability, so you will not need to replace them often. If you are also looking for a sewing machine that has a high power, then made in USA sewing machines have this as well!

You will find that not all sewing machine brands will manufacture their machines in Europe, America, or Japan, but instead some will have their factories in other countries so they can save expenses, however, this saved expense usually means that the final product will have a lower quality and the labor used to produce it has a higher likelihood of being exploitative.

This is why we recommend trying to buy technology like sewing machines as locally as you can, so if you live in the USA, this would mean looking for a sewing machine made in the USA.

However, if you are struggling to find a sewing machine that is in your budget, or fits your need that is produced in the USA, we recommend looking for a sewing machine that was produced somewhere like Switzerland, Japan, or Germany, as these areas are well known for having high quality sewing machines.

You will also find that if you are paying for a sewing machine that is made in the USA, you are likely to get a lot better quality customer service.

They will usually offer a much better warranty, and will be much quicker at getting a machine replaced if this is what they need.

So, since you are likely to get a better quality final product, as well as supporting your national economy, on top of better quality customer service if you need it, there are plenty of reasons to go for a sewing machine that is made in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions about sewing machines that are made in the USA, they should be answered in this segment of the guide!

What Does It Mean When A Machine Has Been Manufactured In The USA?

This means a sewing machine that has been made and then assembled within the USA.

These stand out from an import product as a USA manufacturer has likely had to comply with a stricter standard when it comes to the processes involved in production as well as the use of specific materials, and labelling too.

For a product to be classified as made in the USA, it has to have produced over 50% of the total output from within the USA.

How Will A Made In USA Sewing Machine Differ From An Import?

The main difference you will find between an imported sewing machine and a sewing machine that has been made in the USA is that they tend to be of a higher quality, and the main factor for this is the stricter standards placed on manufacturers.

If a product has been produced domestically, there is also a higher chance that it will be cheaper than an imported product of a similar quality, and it will likely be more durable, and the customer service tends to be better.

Where Is A USA Made Sewing Machine Made?

Generally speaking, you will find the highest quality made in USA sewing machines in some specific states.

These states are; Massachusetts, Rhode Island, as well as North Carolina, however, there are also some good ones from Kentucky and Oregon too.

The only state in the country that makes less than 50% of the total output domestically is California, and this is where you are likely to find most of the imported products.

What Brands Entirely Manufacture In The USA

There is a brand called King Quilter that we mentioned in the previous section that completely meets the quality criteria when it comes to their designing, their engineering, and their manufacturing, all of which are within the USA.

None of the parts used in King Quilter machines are imported, and all of the assembly is done within the USA, if you are looking for a high quality quilting machine, the best made in USA brand is King Quilter.


Finding a sewing machine that is completely produced in the USA can sometimes feel like an impossible task, and this is why we recommend trying to find a reputable brand that tries to complete as much of the process as possible in the USA.

However, if you are struggling to find a made in USA product that you like, we recommend looking for brands that produce the products in countries that have a similarly high standard for quality and working conditions.

If you struggled to pick a product from the list the first time going through, we recommend going back through after reading the buyer’s guide!

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