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Top 11 Sewing Machines Containing Automatic Thread Cutters

Having a sewing machine with an automatic thread cutter is fantastic. It might sound like an unnecessary addition, but I promise, once you go there, you’ll never go back!

Top 11 Sewing Machines Containing Automatic Thread Cutters

With an automatic thread cutter, you eliminate any need for that small pair of scissors around your neck or the thread cutter that barely works on the side of the machine. 

If you want a machine with an automatic thread cutter, you’ll have to look at the mid-level or more advanced machines, because most entry-level sewing machines don’t have this feature.

In this article, you will find 11 of the best sewing machines that include automatic thread cutters! Read on to find out all about them.

What Is An Automatic Thread Cutter In A Sewing Machine?

Automatic thread cutters are a possible feature of a sewing machine. They can help with lots of different sewing needs. Automatic thread cutters snip threads that are near the pattern, often near an edge or when you have completed a row of stitching. 

When you continue to stitch on the next line, this will mean that you won’t have any loose threads on your project that can cause annoyance. The thread will instead be cut by the cutter and will disappear. 

Some automatic thread cutters also have a gate on them. This is typically used to keep the fabric in place while you are sewing. This allows you to sew two different threads.

If you have a gate, you will be able to stitch one side of the project using one thread, and then turn around and stitch the other side using a different thread.

These automatic thread cutters are very helpful when you are making a quilt or sewing something that requires a lot of different colors or fabrics sewn together. They are also great for cutting off loose threads to tidy up your work. 

11 Sewing Machines Containing Automatic Thread Cutters

JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing And Quilting Machine

This sewing machine has a large number of fantastic features, including an automatic thread cutter. It also has lots of other automatic features, including a semi-automatic needle threader! 

It is a reliable machine as it is made by the well-loved Juki brand. This machine has lots of features that are great for quilting. It has a knee-lift lever to help with this. 

Although this machine does have an LCD screen, it isn’t a touchscreen. The buttons can be quite small for those users who have poor vision. 

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

This is one of the cheapest sewing machines that have an automatic thread cutter built in. This sewing machine is a very popular one because of the array of features that it comes with. 

This machine has many great features, including 600 built-in stitch applications and a sewing speed of 850 spm.

This machine has a large number of automatic features, so alongside the automatic thread cutters, it also has a built-in needle threader and automatic reverse stitching.

The automatic needle threader is a great feature, as it will have the entire machine threaded in a few seconds! It even threads the eye of the needle for you, which, if you’re like me, will save you many frustrated minutes – even hours! 

Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is great if you are looking for one with an automated thread cutter built in. The Bernette 38 has many different features included in the sewing machine. 

The great features that are unique to this machine are the 8 presser feet that are included, and the 394 stitch patterns. This machine has a maximum sewing speed of 820spm. 

This machine is also affordable for a top model in the Bernette series. It also includes a speed regulator on the machine.

Janome Skyline S3 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is a sewing and embroidery combination machine. It has an automatic thread-cutting machine that is activated by pressing a button.

You can also program this into the sewing machine to cut the thread after reverse or lock stitches. This machine includes 7 presser feet and 71 different needle potions. It sews at a speed of 820 spm.

Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

This is a great sewing machine that includes an automatic thread trimmer. This is one of the most popular mid-level machines available with a thread trimmer on the market. 

This machine has a large number of great features, but the machine only has 60 stitches. Lots of the features included in this machine made it much easier to use.

It has 15 different needle positions, a presser foot lifter, and a pressure foot pressure adjustment option. These features are unique to this machine. 

You will be able to make precise seams with this machine because of all these features and the angle markings on the needle plate.

Brother Innov-ís Pacesetter PS500

This sewing machine has a great automatic thread cutter. It is also a great machine, and it is very easy to use. It also has an automatic needle threader, a top-drop bobbin, and an easy presser foot adjustment. 

With this machine, you can also create stitch combinations that you can then save on your machine for use later on. This machine is quite expensive compared to other machines which have similar features to these. 

Brother SE600 Sewing And Embroidery Machine

This sewing machine includes a great automatic thread cutter. It can also be converted to be used to machine embroidered computerized designs. 

This is great because it can do both in one machine. This machine has 7 presser feet and a maximum sewing speed of 710 spm.

It is a perfect machine if you are looking for a machine with an automatic thread cutter which will make your life much easier when you are sewing! 

Juki 2010q Sewing And Quilting High-Speed Semi-Industrial Machine

This sewing machine will not work for everyone as it only creates straight stitches. You can’t use zigzag stitches for buttonholes with this machine, so if you’re looking to stitch these types of things then this machine won’t be for you.

This machine is great for career sewists who are looking for a machine that will help them to stitch straight seams quickly. It sews at an impressive 1500 som, which is faster than any other machine on this list. 

You can control the speed using the speed control dial if you are a bit frightened to sew at this major speed! The automatic thread cutter on this machine is very useful, and it will again increase the speed of your sewing.

In order to use the thread trimming feature, it will happen automatically if you press your heel on the foot pedal, or push the button on the machine.

Juki HZL-DX Series Sewing Machine

This sewing machine has a very high speed compared to most standard home sewing machines, with a speed of 1050spm. 

This sewing machine includes lots of great features that include a presser foot pivot option and a knee lift lever to help with your sewing. 

This machine has a very fun float function. This function lets you sew with the presser foot raised instead of having to adjust the foot. There are also some less expensive models in this series, which also have an automatic thread trimmer. 

Janome MC6650 Sewing And Quilting Machine

This is a great sewing machine that features a large work area (see also “Sewing Machines Are Great For Monogramming My Stuff?“) . It has automatic thread cutting which you can set up to occur automatically after the stitches have been locked. It can also be manually initiated. 

It has a lot of great features, including 170 stitches, 12 different presser feet, and 91 different needle positions.

This machine has a large number of other deluxe features, including a very high stitching speed of 1000 spm. It has a twin needle guard which prevents mistakes from occurring.

This machine has a large number of programmable settings which means that you don’t have to reset this every time you use the machine.

Brother PQ1500SL Sewing And Quilting Machine

This machine is a great one if you are looking for a straight stitch-only machine. When this is compared to other machines of this kind, it is a very affordable version of this machine. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the other machines. 

It can sew at a speed of 1500spm and it has a wide throat space (see also “Top 7 Large Throat Sewing Machines For Quilting“). This makes it suitable for bulkier projects. 

The automatic thread cutter on this machine can’t be programmed to trim the thread at a certain time. However, when you press the scissors button, you will engage the automatic thread cutter.

Types Of Thread Cutters On Machines 

When you use the most basic sewing machines, you will likely have manual thread cutters on the side of the machine. This is usually located on the left-hand side of the machine. To cut the thread, you will need to wrap the thread around the trimmer and pull down.

There are two different types of automatic thread cutters that you will find on sewing machines. Some of the machines above have both of these types, but some will not. 

When you are looking to buy a sewing machine with an automatic thread cutter on the machine, you should consider which one of the following suits you best.

Thread Cutting Button 

The first type of automatic thread cutter that is located on the sewing machine will work when you press a button with a pair of small scissors on the machine. This is a thread cutting button, and when it is pressed, it will engage the thread cutter. 

When you press this button on your sewing machine, your machine will automatically trim both the top and bottom of your bobbin threads.

On some machines, this button will be on the heel of your foot pedal on the machine. This is good because it is a hands-free way of pressing the button when your hands are full.

Programmable Automatic Thread Cutting 

If you have a machine that is computerized, it will have an automatic thread cutting option on the machine.

This machine can be programmed to cut threads automatically at certain points in the sewing process. For instance, you can program certain machines to remember that when you press the scissors button, you want to lock the seam and cut the stitches.

Sewing Machine WIth Automatic Thread Cutters 

There are lots of machines that have an automatic thread cutter included. You should make sure that the machine that you choose has all of the features that you are looking for on it.

Do You Really Need An Automated Thread Cutter?

You don’t need an automated thread cutter, although it is very useful if you are hoping to work on your projects faster. It eliminates the stage of the process where you have to have a pair of scissors to cut the thread after you have finished a certain stitch. 

It  is great for beginners who may find it difficult to have to cut and thread their own needles after every stitch.

While it is not necessary, it is a feature that could really help you with your sewing skills. It is also very useful if you are working with small spaces, like cuffs or collars. It will leave your hands free, but it will also help you to be more accurate when cutting the thread.

How Should You Choose Your Machine?

It is a good idea to try out different models when you are thinking about which machine to purchase. The different machines will have different features, and some of these features will be better suited for your projects than others. 

It can be overwhelming to be faced with this many different sewing machines, making it difficult to choose the best one for you. 

Looking at the reviews of these machines can be a helpful way to determine which machine is best for you. Some of the users’ reviews will show you the pros and cons of the machine that you will also experience.

If you are looking for a machine that is suited to certain projects, it is best to look into this to ensure that the machine you are choosing will work.

Final Thoughts 

Sewing machines with automatic thread cutters on them are fantastic. This will transform your sewing projects, making it much easier to create neat and streamlined designs.

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