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Summery Sundress Sewing Patterns

A sundress is easily one of the best things to wear if you want to soak in the summer sun during the warmer months of the year.

These free-flowing dresses allow plenty of sunlight to reach the skin while also allowing great airflow to make it easy to keep cool!

Summery Sundress Sewing Patterns

These dresses can be worn in all kinds of forms, from maxi summer dresses which provide all-around coverage, to mini sundresses which can allow for a greater view of the legs.

Summery dresses can be made using all kinds of different materials and designs to create beautiful summer looks, but we believe that the following patterns will help you to create the best sundresses of all time!

Read on down below to get started!

Elegant And Easy Dress By Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is easily one of the leading names in amazing sewing patterns, and this is no exception when it comes to their patterns for sundresses!

This pattern only includes 11 seams, making it super easy to make, which also makes this a perfect option for beginners in the world of sewing.

The resulting dress is incredibly beautiful and very flattering, making use of stripy material that is incredibly slimming.

Brazi Ladies Bra And Dress By StitchUponATime

A crucial part of any comfortable sundress is the bra worn underneath. However, this pattern makes the most of this by creating a dress that is made up of two distinct sections.

At the top of the dress is a tight-fitting bra section with a crossing bar section across the back.

Hanging from the waist is an incredibly light and breathable section of fabric that allows the wearer to more easily stay cool.

The shape of this sundress allows for some amount of sex appeal to shine through, but it still remains very modest and subtle. It’s a true work of art!

Saltspring Dress By Sewaholic

We simply loved the way that this dress fit. It sits more toward the mini-dress end of the spectrum but is still incredibly modest.

We loved the way that this dress flowed when we wore it. It felt incredibly breathable and yet very fancy. We almost felt like a Disney princess as we donned it!

The dress is also surprisingly not too difficult to make, and the shape of the dress is perfect for exaggerating the figure, as the middle seam helps to divide the dress into two distinct top and bottom halves.

Flutter Skirt Dress By WKDesigner

This is easily one of the best flowing dresses on this list. It features an incredible diamond-like shape that makes the wearer look totally ethereal as the dress flows beneath them.

The dress also covers much of the bust high up to the neck, which looks incredibly elegant.

The open back of the design allows for a little bit of skin to be shown on the upper half, and also allows the wearer to more easily soak in the summer sun!

Lonsdale Dress By Sewaholic

This is one of our favorite items on this list precisely because of how easy it is to follow.

Despite being a very unique and beautiful dress, it is incredibly easy to follow this pattern to create the perfect sundress.

The shoulder straps are entirely adjustable via the bow at the back that allows the wearer to easily adjust the tightness or even the positioning of the shoulder straps!

This is another dress that manages to blend a slightly more revealing look with a subtle look.

The way the shoulder straps are designed also helps to give this dress an interesting blend of modern and classic design sensibilities!

Martine Dress By StyleArc

This sewing pattern will show you how you can easily make an adorable mini dress that is perfect for basking in the sun and yet still maximizing your comfort.

One of the things we loved most about this dress was the design flair across the front.

From the collar of the dress to the center of the base is a ruffle that adds so much character and personality to the dress.

This is the perfect dress to make if you like to draw attention without being too boisterous!

To Wrap Up

These are easily some of the very best sundress sewing patterns that you can try out yourself, so why not try one today (see also “Best Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Patterns“)?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mccall Patterns Still In Business?

Unfortunately, McCall’s stopped producing new sewing patterns in 2010, but you can still purchase their patterns from other companies and stores.

Can You Get Free Sewing Patterns?

Yes. There are a large number of sewing patterns available across the internet to make it easy to sew (see also “14 Best Patterns For Sewing A Bikini“).

Is There An App To Create Sewing Patterns?

There are many apps for creating and managing sewing patterns (see also “Quilting Apps For Android And Apple“), but easily one of the best is the app ‘Sew Organized’!

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