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A List Of Fun Dinosaur Sewing Patterns You Can Use

If you know any kids who love dinosaurs, then you’ll love these dinosaur sewing patterns. These patterns contain costumes and stuffed toys that your children will love.

A List of Fun Dinosaur Sewing Patterns You Can Use

Next time you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, consider checking out one of these fun patterns.

1. DIY Dinosaur — We Lived Happily Ever After

Do you want to make a large brontosaurus with your kids? This is a pretty big project for you and your kids to undertake for some fantastic results.

Grab two colors of fabrics to coordinate, and you’ll easily be able to make this design for all ages.

2. Baby Dino — Beloved Ones

Do you want a pattern to make a baby dinosaur toy for a baby you know? Then, you could always make this small, cute toy for babies.

You can add ribbons to create a stegosaurus-like pattern. You can also customize it too to suit your preferences.

3. Dinosaur Softies — Craft Train

Consider making these dinosaur softies if you and your children want a fun project.

Using a felt of your choice (see also “How To Felt Wool“), some thread, and some small buttons, you’ll be able to make a soft toy your kids will cherish forever. The design comes in the forms of a stegosaurus and a brontosaurus.

4. Upcycled Glovosaurs — Sweater Doll

Do you have some gloves that you haven’t been using? Instead of throwing them away, consider making your own dinosaur toys with them.

You can teach your kids about upcycling while also getting a cool design. It doesn’t matter the color of the gloves, as their patterns only add to the design.

5. T-Rex Plush — Choly Knight

T-Rexes are some of the most popular and fearsome dinosaurs, but why turn down the fearsome factor and make your t-rex plush?

With a large head and tiny arms, your t-rex will stand out among the crowd, but remember that you’ll need to know a tiny bit of embroidery first.

6. Dinosaur Cosplay Suit — Rad Patterns

Whether you plan on going to a party, need new pajamas, or just want to have fun, this cosplay suit is perfect for kids.

Make your own dinosaur pattern to make a stegosaurus costume for your children.

Of course, if you know a child who’s not interested in dinosaurs, consider trying out one of the customizable patterns for the hood to make an alternate costume.

7. Dynamite Dinosaur Cape — Green Hedgehog

What’s cooler than a cape? A dinosaur cape. The dynamite dinosaur cape is perfect for playing dress-up or as a comfortable Halloween costume.

Even if your child is a fan of dragons, they will love this design, as the colorful spines are perfect for any young child. This cape is perfect for any child up to the age of nine.

8. Dinosaur Tail — Tatertots and Jello

Kids love to play pretend, and who can blame them? These dinosaur tails are easy to make, and you can adjust them to be made in different colors.

They’re easy to remove, as kids can just put them on with a velcro belt. If you want your kids to have a new playtime activity, consider making them this dinosaur tail.

9. Claire the Brontosaurus — Melissa Bee Patterns

Claire is a bright pink brontosaurus that is perfect for any child who loves the color pink and brontosauruses.

This cute little dinosaur is adorable, and even if you’re not a fan of pink, it can be adjusted to other colors too.

10. Felt 3D Puzzle Dinosaurs — Felt With Love Designs

These felt dinosaurs differ from some of the other designs in this selection. Consider using these felt 3D puzzle dinosaurs to create a mix-and-match selection.

This selection contains five different dinosaurs: triceratops, brontosaurus, t-rex, stegosaurus, and pterodactyl.

11. Felt Dinosaurs — Lori Designs

If you want a Waldorf-style dinosaur, consider checking out this three-dinosaur set from Lori Designs. Featuring a triceratops, a stegosaurus, and a brontosaurus.

These are perfect for all ages, as you can also use them as ornaments. You can also buy them on her website.

12. Cute Dinosaurs — Mimi Boom

Mimi Boom has worked on designs for a selection of cute dinosaurs, including a t-rex, pterodactyl, triceratops, brontosaurus, and stegosaurus.

All of them have tiny eyes and additional spots. These are only small toys, making them perfect for small children or as a fun DIY project for older children.

13. Dinosaur Family — Maisie Moo Pattern Shop

If you want a design to do with your younger children, you can always invest in a sewing project to set the scene for a little dinosaur family.

It’s essentially a selection of felt doodles to set the scene. Inside this selection are an adult and a baby dinosaur hatching from the egg.

There are also palm trees, bones, and leaves, to really set the scene.

14. Tony/Tracy T-Rex — My Funny Buddy

Tony or Tracy T-Rex is a great toy for all ages. It’s both quick and easy to make, and there’s also an adjustable baby dinosaur pattern.

The baby dinosaurs appear in eggs, making it a fun project for you and your children. Ideally, you should work with flannel, fleece, and cotton, so it’s a versatile design to make.

15. Fat Dinosaur — Arttony Toys

This stuffed dinosaur is a fun plush design that is great for cuddling. This fatty dinosaur has different sizes for babies and jumbo sizes for older kids (see also “Best Singer Kids’ Sewing Machines“).

It has no small pieces, so it’s suitable for all ages and great to use as a decorative cushion.

16. Sam The Dinosaur — While She Naps

Sam is a fun and friendly brontosaurus for any child. Designed to be machine washable, making this dinosaur is a fun design for the whole family.

If you’re confident about your sewing skills, this beginner design is a perfect project for your family. You can make it with different colors of fabrics to make this perfect for you.

17. Terry Rex — PC Bangles

Terry Rex is a funky design for anyone looking for a way to recycle well-worn pieces of denim and other materials.

Any fabric is suitable for Terry Rex, and you can even adjust the design with fixed and jointed legs, but ideally, it should be adjusted if you make it for younger children.

18. Delightful Dinosaurs — Sweet Briar Sisters

If you want a collection of three dinosaurs to make, you can do so with these children. Delightful dinosaurs are each seven inches tall and are perfect for any young child.

Each dinosaur has movable joints to make interactive play more enjoyable for your kids.

19. Triceratops Toy — Funky Friends Factory

These triceratops toys can be made with a host of different patterns of fabrics, and this design is perfect for all ages.

There are two types of frills for your triceratops, depending on whether you choose Tristan or Trixie. Tristan is more cartoonish, while Trixie is more realistic.

All instructions are easy to follow, so you’ll find that you can easily make your own individual design.

20. Steggy The Stuffed Dinosaur — Adeno Creations

Steggy is a 45cm long dinosaur with a height of roughly 27cm.

Steggy is adorable, and you can sew a more realistic version in the form of Bob. You’ll find a detailed tutorial with in-depth explanations of making Steggy to the best of your ability.

21. Adorable Fluffy Dinosaur DIY — Macrame Ritcho

For our cuddliest design, we recommend this adorable fluffy design pattern. You’ll be able to use step-by-step tutorials which you can follow at your own pace.

For those who don’t enjoy written tutorials, you’ll be pleased to find it is taught using video instead. If you need any help, Macrame Ritcho is happy to be contacted for help.

Final Thoughts

These dinosaur patterns are easy to make, and we hope that you enjoy our selection. If you want to do a fun project with your children, these are the perfect selection to make.

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