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40 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Jeans

If you have a bunch of old jeans that are a little worse for wear and cannot be given away, then you can always repurpose them.

40 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Jeans

Jeans use up a ton of water to make, which obviously isn’t very good for the environment. Because of this, you will not just want to throw your old jeans away.

If you are looking for some fun ways to reuse your once much loved jeans, then you have come to the right place. Here we take a look at 40 creative ways to repurpose old jeans. 

1. Lunch Bag

Whether your child needs a new lunchbox or you want something to take to work, this lunch bag idea is a must. 

2. Pretty Keyring

A pretty keyring can be made for yourself, or as a small gift to someone. The feather is an easy project too.

3. Denim Owls

Denim owls are a great project, especially if you like making toys or home decorations. They make a good gift too.

4. Hanging Storage Organizer

Whether the home office or the craft room, a hanging organizer is a great idea. We love the use of the branding in the middle. 

5. Shopping Bag

Denim is known for its durability. For this reason the fabric is fantastic as a shopping bag where you need durability and strength. 

6. Cute Wallet

This cute little wallet (or mini bag) uses the metal buttons as decoration. They make cute small coin wallets. 

7. Wine Gift Bag

If you want to repurpose jeans and make a reusable gift bag (see also “How To Make A Bingo Bag“), then this wine gift bag is it. It’ll show you have taken extra effort too.

8. Upholstered Chair Cover

Not for the novice crafter, this upholstered chair cover is a dream project. People will be amazed with the outcome too.

9. Hanging Hearts

Whether for a loved one or as an at-home decoration, these hanging hearts are very cute.

10. Gift Bow

Instead of plastic, opt for a denim gift bow. They can then keep it if they wish too. 

11. Oven Gloves

Oven gloves are always a fun project. You may want to double or triple layer them for extra heat protection. 

12. Various Blues Basket

Making a basket isn’t an easy project, but it’s well worth it, especially when made from denim. 

13. General Gift Bag

You can also make a denim gift bag. Not only can they be reused, but they show extra effort has been taken too. 

14. Door Wreath

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or fall, a door wreath always looks beautiful. Make one yourself by repurposing old jeans. 

15. Cute Denim Turtle

This cute denim turtle makes a wonderful gift for someone who is turtle mad. It can be cuddled or used as decoration.

16. Wooden Frame Cover

If you have a boring wooden frame, then why not use scrap denim to cover it up?

17. Pretty Bracelet

This pretty bracelet makes a unique piece of jewelry for a loved one. 

18. Bird Decoration

This hanging bird decoration can be used to fill your kitchen with spring vibes.

19. Denim Doormat

Denim is a durable material so can be used for a door mat. Plus, it washes easily too.

20. Art Paint Brush Holder Case

This worthwhile project turns old jeans into a case for paintbrushes. It looks amazing. 

21. Denim Dog Toy

You can easily create dog chew toys using denim. It is strong enough not to give way easily.

22. Denim Quilted Book Cover

Using old jeans to make a book cover is a wonderful way to add some crafting to your reading. 

23. Backpack With Arm Straps

This backpack (see also “The Best Backpack Sewing Patterns“) can be made for your children. It is simple to do and features a drawstring opening. 

24. Patchwork Seat Cover

If you want a rustic look at home, then this denim seat cover is a must. 

25. Makeup Bag

A denim makeup bag can look both beautiful and chic. Just add a zipper and you’re good to go!

26. Crossbody Bag

This crossbody bag is a great way to use old jeans to make something useful. 

27. Large Christmas Stocking

Make small or large Christmas stockings by using an old pair of jeans. It’s fun and personal.

28. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back! This will make a great gift for the teenage child who wants somewhere easy to put their cell phone. 

29. Baby Bib With Pocket

This cute baby bib is durable and reusable. It looks really cute with the pocket (to catch broccoli).

30. Child’s Art Apron

This cute art apron is durable and fun. It will wash easily too.

31. Cutlery And Napkin Holder

This unique item houses cutlery and napkins during dinner. It is a real conversation starter too. 

32. Pillows For The Couch

This easy project is great for anyone who is learning the basics of sewing. However, it also makes a wonderful house item. 

33. Desk Organizer

A desk organizer for the office or craft room is a must. Make it personal by creating your own. 

34. Hanging Bag For Back Seat In Car

Keep all your travel necessities for the back seat passengers in this hanging car set organizer. 

35. Christmas Tree Decoration

This fun project is great for getting the kids involved. It will make a great decoration every year too. 

36. Heart Earrings

These gorgeous heart earrings are simple to make yet look amazing when worn. 

37. Letter Keyrings

Make letter keyrings for friends and family. They make a great gift or stocking filler. 

38. Dog Or Cat Bed

Old jeans make a durable cat or dog bed that can be washed easily. 

39. Couch Storage Hanger

If you can never find the remote, then you will with this couch organizer. 

40. Tic-Tac-Toe

This portable tic-tac-toe set is great for families and gifting. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 40 creative ways to repurpose jeans, which ideas have stood out to you the most?

From making lunch bags and storage hangers, to pretty keyrings and shopping bags, you will no doubt be flowing with inspiration.

If you enjoyed this article, why not check out the rest of the website for project ideas and sewing guides (see also “Easy Sheer Plaid Top Sewing Guide“).

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