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What Is A Fat Quarter In Sewing? Everything You Need To Know

When you get serious about a sewing project, you will find yourself in the fabric store looking for new materials and tools all the time.

One thing that is extremely eye-catching and helpful in these stores is fat quarters, which are usually very brightly colored and hard to ignore.

What Is A Fat Quarter In Sewing? Everything You Need To Know

But if you are new to sewing, you might be wondering what a fat quarter is. Luckily, we are here to help!

We will be going over exactly what a fat quarter is, as well as some other useful information, so you can get on with your project much faster! 

What Is A Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter is very simply a pre-cut piece of fabric that is made by taking a full piece of fabric and cutting it into half a meter of the full length.

The fabric itself is cut widthwise and lengthwise to make room for more square quarters. 

They are usually made from quilting fabrics because they provide you will smaller pieces, but even though they are smaller, you still get a sizeable amount of fabric to play with.

You can purchase them individually or in a set and they are perfect for those times when you only need a bit of fabric and you don’t want to buy more than you actually need. 

Fabric can get pretty expensive, so fat quarters are a great way to experiment with different textures and materials, without having to spend a fortune. 

Why Is A Fat Quarter Called A Fat Quarter?

It might sound like a bit of a silly name, but the term “fat quarter” actually makes a lot of sense when you know why it is called that. 

Quite simply, a fat quarter has that name because it is a chunky piece of fabric that is usually square in shape.

There’s no complicated reason why it has this name, and when you see a fat quarter for yourself, the name will fit it perfectly! 

What Can I Use Fat Quarters For?

The beauty of fat quarters, aside from being convenient and less expensive, is that you can actually use them for a lot of different things!

They are perfect for experimenting with, but if you have specific projects in mind, some of them can be made using fat quarters. 

Some examples of things you can make with fat quarters include: 

What Can I Use Fat Quarters For?

There are plenty of other things you can use fat quarters for, but if you don’t know where to start, these examples will help! 

Can Fat Quarters Be Cut From Any Fabric?

While fat quarters are most commonly made from quilting fabric, that does not mean that they can be made from other materials!

As long as the material uses the fat quarter method in terms of measurements and cutting, then any material can theoretically become a fat quarter. 

There are lots of options for fat quarters out there, so don’t be afraid to ask when you are in the fabric store or you can look online. 

What Is A Fat Quater In Inches & Centimeters? 

The size of a fat quarter can vary depending on the fabric it is originally cut from, but as long as it stays within certain parameters, finding out the inches and centimeters is quite simple. 

Using quilting cotton fabric as a reference, a fat quarter in inches is usually 18 inches by 22 inches. This can vary slightly, but use this as a guideline when you are looking for some. 

If you would rather know the measurements in centimeters, a fat quarter is usually 50 cm by 55 cm.

It is important to know that if you are using centimeters and the fat quarter is cut from a yard of fabric, then this measurement will vary a bit and will usually measure about 45cm by 55cm.

Where Can You Buy Fat Quarters?

If you are worried that isn’t going to be easy to get hold of fat quarters, then don’t worry! This isn’t the case at all.

You can get hold of fat quarters in plenty of different fabric stores, and there are lots of online shops that also sell them. 

Etsy is also a really popular place to buy these fat quarters, and you will usually find lots of quirky and original fabrics if you take some time to look around.

Fat quarters are very commonly used in the sewing community, so getting hold of some for yourself shouldn’t be an issue! 


Fat quarters are very popular in the sewing community. They are usually quite cheap, great for experimenting with, and you can find lots of unique and quirky patterns out there. 

Now you know what a fat quarter is, you can head to the fabric store and confidently pick some out! 

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